Having trouble redeeming a Gift?

You should have received an email notification that you received a gift.  Please follow the instructions below if you received an error after clicking the REDEEM GIFT button.

  1. There should be an eight digit code in your email.  You can find it here at the end of the URL.  example: 113Z-848C

If you do not have a BroadwayHD account, please first create one.

  1. In the email you received click on the green REDEEM NOW button.
  2. You will be asked to Create your account
  3. Please enter your email address, password and name
  4. Choose your marketing preferences
  5. Click on AGREE and CONTINUE
  6. Your Gift code will be filled in with the code that you were given
  7. Your Gift code will be filled in with the code that you were given
  8. Click VERIFY to confirm the correct subscription
  9. Click CONFIRM and PROCEED to activate the subscription
  10. Click WATCH NOW to enjoy BroadwayHD

If you do have a BroadwayHD account, please follow below.

  1. Go to www.broadwayhd.com
  2. Click LOG IN in the top right corner
  3. Click REGISTER NOW at the bottom of the screen
  4. Enter your email address and password and click LOG IN 
  5. Hover over the drop down menu under your name in the top right corner and click MY ACCOUNT
  6. Click on the GIFT BOX 
  7. Enter the code you received and click VERIFY
  8. Confirm you see a $0.00 charge for your next billing date
  9. Choose WATCH NOW to visit the homepage and library

If you continue to receive an error message after following these instructions, please reach out to our customer support  team with the error message.  

Please note: You will not be required to enter any payment information at this time. Depending upon your code, your gift subscription is either for one month or one year and will not automatically renew at the end of the relevant period unless you choose to continue the subscription and enter a payment source before the renewal date.  If no payment method is entered the subscription will automatically cancel.

Questions? Please visit our Help Center to contact our team.

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