How to watch with Fire Stick?

To view BroadwayHD on your Fire Stick you will need to have an account with BroadwayHD. If you do not have a subscription, we suggest purchasing one here prior to downloading and logging in on the BroadwayHD app.

If you already have a BroadwayHD subscription you can use the same email and password to log in after downloading the BroadwayHD app from the app store. 

To stream on your Fire Stick

  1. Turn on Fire Stick, be sure your device is 2nd generation or newer
  2. Your homepage will launch 

3. Click on the SPYGLASS in the upper left corner

4. Type in BroadwayHD

6. Please click DOWNLOAD, then OPEN

7. You will then be asked to SIGN IN

8. Please TYPE in your USER EMAIL (do not attempt to use the fire stick microphone or the app will close)

9. When you have filled in your whole email address, please arrow to the box that says OK and click it.  It will drop down to the password section for you to enter your PASSWORD

10. Please use down arrow to highlight LOGIN and click to confirm your information

You will then be logged in and be able to watch!

Questions? Please visit our Help Center to contact our team.

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