I am having buffering issues, what can I do?

Using an App?

Please make sure that your device is running the most recent Operating System.  Also, please be sure BroadwayHD is running the most up to date version. You may also try logging out of the app, uninstalling it and then rebooting your device.  Once rebooted, install the app and login. 

Using a web browser?

BroadwayHD is best suited to be viewed via the Chrome browser.  Please make sure you are running the most recent Operating System for Windows and the most recent version of Chrome.  We suggest clearing your browser cache and cookies and rebooting your system.

Using a Smart TV?

Check your TV’s help center for how to clear your cache of your downloaded apps.  Check your internet connection on your tv to be sure it is working properly. 

If you are still having buffering issues, please reboot your router and modem.  

Questions? Please visit our Help Center to contact our team.

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