How to watch with Android phone or tablet?

To view BroadwayHD on your Android device you will need to have an account with BroadwayHD. If you do not have a subscription, we suggest purchasing one here prior to downloading and logging in on the BroadwayHD app.  If you wish to purchase one through your Android/Google app store, please use the steps below.

If you already have a BroadwayHD subscription you will use the same email and password to log in after downloading the BroadwayHD app from the app store.  

To stream on your phone or tablet

  1. Download the BroadwayHD app from the app store on your device  
  2. Click on SIGN UP and enter your name, email address and password
  3. Choose your subscription option, Monthly or Annual
  4. Click on SUBSCRIBE
  5. Click on WATCH NOW to visit the homepage and library

Questions? Please visit our Help Center to contact our team.

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