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How do I cancel my BroadwayHD subscription billed through iTunes?

Cancelling because of a technical or billing problem? Let our support team help you. Submit A Ticket.

If you have made up your mind, please follow the steps below. You must cancel your subscription from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or computer.

iPhone, iPad, OR iPod Touch

  1. Open Settings, and then tap iTunes & App Store.
  2. Tap your Apple ID at the top.
  3. Tap View Apple ID and sign in if prompted.
  4. Tap Subscriptions.
  5. Find and tap the subscription you would like to cancel. If you do not see one, check if you signed in with the correct Apple ID.
  6. Choose Cancel Subscription (iOS 10) or turn off Automatic Renewal.

Computer (Using iTunes)

  1. Open iTunes and sign in with your Apple ID.
  2. From the menu bar along the top, choose Account > View My Account.
  3. Enter your password and choose View Account.
  4. On the Account Information page, scroll down to the Settings section.
  5. To the right of Subscriptions, choose Manage.
  6. Choose your subscription. If you don't see your subscription, make sure that you're signed in with the correct Apple ID.
  7. Choose Cancel Subscription (iOS 10) or turn off Automatic Renewal.

Apple TV (4th Generation)

  1. On your Apple TV, go to Settings > Accounts.
  2. Under Subscriptions, select Manage Subscriptions.
  3. Select your relevant subscription, and then choose Cancel Subscription.

Thank you and we look forward to having you back in the future!

* NOTE: Your membership or subscription might renew if you don't cancel your membership or subscription more than 24 hours before your renewal date.

If you need further assistance with your iTunes purchases,  we recommend talking to an Apple representative, 800-692-7753.

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