How to watch BroadwayHD on Amazon Prime Video Channels?

BroadwayHD is available for purchase through Amazon's Prime Video Channels lineup in the United States. Your Prime Video Channels BroadwayHD login cannot be used to access content on non-Amazon platforms, such as our website or apps.  Likewise, a direct BroadwayHD subscription cannot be used to access content on Amazon’s Prime Video channels. 

If you wish to continue and subscribe to  Amazon’s Prime BroadwayHD Channel, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Turn on your Prime Video compatible device and launch Prime Video channels app
  2. Search available channels for BroadwayHD
  3. You may also use the microphone and ask Alexa to find BroadwayHD.  She will pull up the Prime Video channel 
  4. Confirm your Prime Video channel subscription

Please Note: Your Amazon Prime Video Channel subscription will be an Amazon subscription and all charges and support will be handled directly by Amazon.

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