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How do I watch Broadway HD on my iOS devices (Apple TV, iPhone, iPad)?

To stream via your Apple TV:

  • Make sure your Apple TV is Compatible by using a fourth-generation Apple TV or newer
  • Purchase a Subscription - Access to BroadwayHD's content through the Apple TV is only available to subscription holders and not to individual renters. Purchase one of our subscriptions here.
  • Download the free BroadwayHD™ app in the Apple TV app store.
  • Link your device. please note there are two ways you can link your device to AppleTV:

"Sign in with Activation Code" which is supplied on our application. You will then go to link your device and type in the code supplied on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

"Sign in with Email" allows you to sign in using your BroadwayHD™ email address and password in the AppleTV application.


For iOS devices, download our APP from the App Store here.

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