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What should I do if I received a BroadwayHD Gift Subscription? How to redeem a BroadwayHD Gift Subscription


You should have received a Coupon Code from the person gifting you. Please follow the below steps to redeem your gift! 

1. Visit https://www.broadwayhd.com/
2. You will be directed to the Register or Login page.  Please register an email address and click on the Terms & Conditions and choose your Newsletter preferences and click "Submit".  If you already have a BroadwayHD account, please log in.
3. The checkout page will appear.   Click on the “Redeem Coupon” and enter your coupon code.  (This is a little rectangle box.  Please disregard the description of the 7-day free trial.  Your Coupon will bypass this option for your free access.)
4. Click on “Activate”.

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