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What should I do if I received a BroadwayHD Gift Subscription? How to redeem a BroadwayHD Gift Subscription


You should have received a Coupon Code from the person gifting you. Please follow the below steps to redeem your gift! 

1. Visit https://www.broadwayhd.com/
2. You will be directed to the Register or Login page.  Please register an email address and click on the Terms & Conditions and choose your Newsletter preferences and click "Submit".  If you already have a BroadwayHD account, please log in.
3. The checkout page will appear.   Click on the “Redeem Coupon” and enter your coupon code.  (This is a little rectangle box.  Please disregard the description of the 7-day free trial.  Your Coupon will bypass this option for your free access.)
4. Click on “Activate” and then "Get access".

Please note that your recipient will not be required to enter any payment information but this is only good for a period of the chosen gift subscription (one month for Monthly, one year for Annual). Clicking on Get access already allows them to view BroadwayHD contents online and any supported devices. 

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