How to Gift BroadwayHD

  1. Visit
  2. Click LOG IN in the top right corner. If you do not have an account please register for one here 
  3. Click on GIVE A GIFT tab in the top menu
  4. Choose your gift by clicking the correct box, GIVE ONE MONTH or GIVE ONE YEAR and clicking CHOOSE THIS PLAN
  5. Enter your recipient’s details in the box
    1. Enter email
    2. Confirm email
    3. Enter delivery date you wish to have the gift delivered
    4. Add a personal message (required)
    5. Enter your credit card information and click PURCHASE GIFT

You will see a message that your gift has been purchased and you will receive a receipt to your email address.  Your recipient will receive an email welcoming them to BroadwayHD and giving them instructions on how to redeem their gift.  The gift will not start until they redeem it.

Please Note:  Gift subscriptions are valid for the period designated upon purchase and do not automatically renew at the end of the relevant period. You can find information on how to redeem and other details regarding your purchase here.

Questions? Please visit our Help Center to contact our team.

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